Sunday, January 7, 2007

Biggest One Night Reggae Show/Sting 2K6

Sting 2006 was CRAZY!! Yeah man that alone can sum it up. I thought I would have so much to write about but it just neva work out like that. With all due respect (and I mean that, sincerely) it’s my opinion the promoters need to back to the drawing board and get certain things in order before poor people haffi pay dem money fi come si sub-standard performances and artiste letting their gigantic egos get the best of them. Respect to father Laing, you are a founding father/trendsetter in the promotion business but for the BIGGEST one night show in the reggae more can be done to control certain “elements” this is bizness elder an mi know everything will NEVER go perfect a suh it set up, but some fine tuning need fi gwaan a many years now Sting a run wid the same problems. Now to mi report…The Don Gorgon mash it dung in style after all a him mek Sting what it is so it’s only right he is king Buju Banton who is the man of the moment was spectacular! From vintage to his latest, Driva!, Gargamel was unstoppable. Bling Dawg set the place on fire too. He would prove to be the only alliance member with such fortune that night. Controversy sells right suh mi know she unno a wait pon the negative vibes well here it comes. Aidonia’s performance was lackluster and the crowd ensured he knew that, Movado suffered the same faith, Elephant Man need to do something creative some time soon or else! Guess what happen? dem boo him to! Dem stand up pon Warlord during his performance and dem tek it up a notch wid Cartel, bottle reach him. Is like the people dem did inna a no nonsense vibe inna the night deh I could go on and on! Beenie Man tore the place apart with his usual stunning performance but later when Bounty walked out wid members of the Alliance and Beenie refuse to clash boos and bottles came rolling in Beenie claims Killa get money fi clash an him never get pay fid at Den him tell Killa fi meet him at a another show at a later date fi the showdown offcourse Killa turn that down saying who is Beenie Man to decide when and where to clash. Well Mr Rodney Price who are you to tell Mr Moses Davis when and where you want to clash him!?! Wi nuh tek side wi call it like it is! It was Beenie alone an Killa wid friends…Yuh alone stand up inna the war Beenie! If dem neva pay the I mi nuh wrong yuh! Hopefully someday the madness wi stop cause it obvious seh the man dem cyaan conduct themself right badmind is active all over the industry. The show was okay to me…these are the highlights as I saw it! Stay blessed!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jamaican Holiday

London England, New York, Florida, Germany, Italy, Holland, most a dem place deh nice in the summa time, Jamaica nice all year round, yes I, as a youngster growing up I noticed nuff people would come back from forieng during the holiday season. Mi neva complain still, mi di like it cause mi coulda get a ting or two an who, mi did down fi the hustling! I guess when cold buss nuff a dem shut up north dats when dem memba yaad! December nice inna the island trust mi, stage shows galore yuh can pick choose and refuse we are on site waiting for it to all wrap up believe me wi ago bring it to you just like it went down...from Sting, Jam Jam, to Teen Splash we have it covered check back wid wi soon...


Monday, December 18, 2006

Jamaica Land We Love

Nuh matta where I go Jamaica is my home. Yeah man! Whateva you want yuh can get, without a doubt wi a the best! The food, the water, the girls and offcourse the highest grade, nuh matta weh it come from Westmoreland, St. Ann, St. Elizabeth nutten cyaan test it, no time chat bout!? The island nice, When mi deh yaad mi hold a vibes weh mi cyaan hold no weh else but JA all the Guinness dem taste betta! But certain elements a tear dung the place, to name a few politics, poverty, corruption, and crime. Bwoy my yute mi a do my thing, every man fi dem self an God fi the whole a wi a dat mi hear a man seh the other day! It dread out deh. True, True! It would take me years and many pages to write about each of the pressing issues facing this blessed island I would be writing for days. Mi nuh know how some people survive at all, but dem do it! The political system need a major shake up, ghetto yutes wake up, how yuh fi kill yuh brother and sista over colors, green or red and the people you are killing each other for sit back and drink champagne together? Mi nuh si no difference between the two major political parties. Dem a the same ting scrapping what they can at the expense of the poor. Well it’s evident the system design fi keep the poorer class poor and to increase the riches of the rich similar to slavery. We will not rise above this as long as we continue to live in a state of mental slavery, we must unite, work together nuh tear dung yuh bredda, help a man when yuh si him a try a ting, and fi those who mek it, give back, help those weh less fortunate. Now when mi seh help, nuh think yuh fi spend yuh life a mine other people cuase some lazy and just love sweets. Note this, if you lift weights for a weak man and continue doing it he will never gain strength show him how to maneuver, mek him can do it himself it’s on him afta dat, a progress wi a deal wid either yuh in it or in the way and those in the way get run over and trampled! Bwoy mi stunned when it come the police. Mi know dem nah mek nuh money but the oppression serious from dem a road memba mi tell unno dat! How police and gunman a friend? Politician and murder a spar? I feel like a the badman dem a run the country extortion is at its highest level in the history of the island. Crime is just outrageous the yute dem nuh care dem start pick it up from as young as 10 year old who knows maybe even younger the place in a state of 911 (119) an yuh cyaan run to the police, more time dem a tek part inna the wrong doings to. I am not saying all police are bad but the good ones are few and far between. We are in drastic need of outside help to stop the nonsense. If yuh neva live like I live yuh wouldn’t know this cause everything good when yuh see the advertisement on cable. Yes, you can have a good time and safe vacation, but Iman going beyond the tourist areas mi ago inna the belly a the beast! The world needs to know what’s going on that’s why we write. The music is the only hope for the country and reggae music has been that force that is capable of bringing unity. Must I take you back to the days of the great Bob Marley? Reggae artiste on all levels needs to understand the power this music holds. Dem sell out most of the island already, corruption and crime are at all time highs, the politician dem outta control. The music is all we have left and I notice certain funny moves a gwaan. Carnival can run till day light, Jazz or Blues is alright but as 2 o’clock come dem a try lock off poor people ting? Wi need fi stand up, do it professionally a reggae put Jamaica pon the map memba mi tell unno it’s all we have left pretty much. Suh artiste be careful weh unno a teach the yutes! The struggle continues…do your part!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reggae/War/Soap Opera?

Competition can be a good thing for any form of music, but there comes a time when the line must be drawn between healthy and unhealthy competition. Unfortunately some artiste just don't know when to stop, and it seems others have fallen into the trap along the way. Starting the long list are Ninja and Shabba, to Bounty and numerous persons, most notably Beenie Man for the better part of 13 years, Vybz Cartel and Spragga Benz, to most recently Aidonia and Busy Signal, and now Cartel and Killa are supposedly not on speaking terms which leaves the future of the Alliance hanging in the land of unsurity. Self proclaimed king of the dancehall Beenie Man is at war with Twins of Twins, word outta road seh Gargamel (Buju Banton) nuh inna nutten wid Beenie either. Even the likkle yute name Dadda tek it up a ask who badda wonder if it's directed at QQ you be the judge. Mek wi stir it up some more, Angel lef Killa and now she and Beenie married, Cartel guh a the wedding and the other day him do a song wid Angel and fi tell the truth it a gwaan real good a road! Who really a get heart attack bout it? Yow at Blueprint, Full Clip and Full Black shows according to The Warlord a certain B still a call him phone. You should already know weh mi ago wid dis one. Sting should be very interesting this year mi just hope seh the man an man maintian dem composer keep it professional/lyrical and nuh ramp pon poor people money. Cause when the foolishness gwaan a the people suffer when the show shut dung and bottle start fling! We have all the facts and before wi do wi ting. Tell us which ongoing fued in the music you think is out of control? which one you want us to address send us your comments and watch for the article....smaddy ago get dem feelings hurt! Mi a tell yuh dat! Wi keep it factual here at Reggae 24/7 wi nuh put on or tek off a no story fi please up!

Blueprint "The Show"

Event: Blueprint, Venue: Jus Cheers
Location: St. Ann, JA
Promotion Company: Black Diamond

Saturday 21 October 2k6 was a day for the record books in Jamaica, better yet the reggae world. Yessir! We took a while to post this because the blog was experiencing a few minor construction woes and we are still working on it but this is the first chance we have to give you the Blueprint report, suh yuh done know wi haffi do wi ting, quite so! Definitely! What was dubbed as one of the biggest entertainment event in Jamaica for the month of October live up to every bit of the expectations. Mek mi tell yuh this a the first time in a long while I see a show wid so many major artiste and everybody show up and the ting run suh smooth. Member mi tell unno dis fuss, Black Diamond will have this industry locked if they keep up the works! Time will tell pon dat! Well Jah did deh pon di promoter dem side from early cause the weather was perfect and once Bass Odyssey string up and start the early warm up even Stevie Wonder coulda see it seh everything sell off! or "Sold Out" according to Black Diamond. Nuffy the master of ceremonies (MC) was ready to roll the tape around 10 pm giving many young artiste a chance fi grace the stage. I-man down wid promoting the future but Jah know seh some a dem yute deh, dem friends and family fi gwane betta! Cause quite a few a dem were, let's just say some a dem need more practice, mi know seh smaddy must hear dem before the show, If football a your talent lef the microphone alone! But everyone wants to be a star an if William Hong from American Idol mek there is still hope. Harry Toddler or Blond Ras whateva him ago by these days, though not booked for the show came through and got it started "This time it was for real" Nanko, Guidance, and Black Diamond's own Xtra Clip got it going in the early segment. The venue start get fill up around when Teflon hit the stage trust mi the yute bun the fire hard! Word to promoters book him now if you can get a date cause him stocks a rise rapidly the yute hard. Gyptian was excellent, I-Wayne represented to the fullest, biggups to Sonny Spoon and the Loyal Soldiers camp. Turbelnce gave a good performance, Macka was on top her game as usual, crazy energy, Blacker and dem gal bwoy Kiprich had the ladies screaming. Poor people defenda, Chuck Fenda took it to another level, he invited Shereen Anderson on stage for thier smash hit "Coming Over Tonight" and then....Boom! Bang! Connect!! The War Lord was in the building. Killa tear dung the place, a day light, sun hot when him lef the stage giving St Ann more than they bargained for over an hour on stage. Well yuh think this story stop yassuh? quoting the Killa himself "If smaddy di tell mi, mi woulda seh a lie" Well I see it fi mi self! How yuh mean rude bwoy? Mi did deh deh in live an in living colors! A one artiste mi nuh mention yet weh did deh pon the show, right..TERRY LINEN...YOW!! The yute tek it to dem WICKED! Performance spectacular! sensational! Yuh a hear mi? I think it was Garnett Silk reincarnated at one point. After the third encore Nuffy haffi beg the poeple dem fi move to the next performer....Hit pon top a hit. Mi hear a certain artiste and him pop dung friend a style up the yute (behind him back offcourse) as p#ssy hole before him guh pon stage and a say mek him guh up deh guh drown. Well I guess they became instant fans or groupies cause when the yute done perform whole heap a dap an all a gwaan like dem waan hug up the yute..Bad man nuh embrace yuh a fool? Needless to say their performances were barely above marginal, nothing to write home about. Now who is the p#ssy hole? Mi a tell yuh nuff a dem a hypocrite! Watch dem closley! Mi couldn't sign off from this without mentioning two things first, Lexx and the Black Diamond crew did a remarkable job dem set up the ting and execute it flawlessly! St Ann's Bay was in a frenzy! and last but certainly not least mega biggups to Kieth and the Bass Odyssey team. Squingy is still one of the best selectors in the world! Mi nuh care weh dem a talk bout, him hangle it wicked at Blueprint! large up yuhself maaga bwoy! till next time...